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Batticaloa Education Zone


Geographical Background of the Zone

The total area of Batticaloa Zone is approximately 2632.7 sq. KM, including inland water ways. The total land area is approximately 662.35 sq. KM.

Batticaloa Educational Zone has Kirankulam in South, Eravur in the North, Unnichchai in the West as boundaries with Bay of Bengal in the East. The Batticaloa lagoon intercepts this vast land area. The Batticaloa Educational Zone consists of four Educational Divisions, namely.

    • Manmunai North (Batticaloa Town)                       41 Schools
    • Eravur Pattu – 01 (Eravur Town included)           22 Schools
    • Manmunai Pattu (Araiyampathy)                           15 Schools
    • Manmunai West (Vavunathivu)                             28 Schools


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